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Treatment Center Search, Filtering & Matching

Our proprietary search algorithm ensures individualization, matching and filtering to the right vetted resource within seconds.

Personalized Case Management

We provide the must needed follow-through to ensure people are taking advantage of resources and getting the help they deserve.

Vetting & Monitoring of Treatment Centers

Our continuous vetting & monitoring system ensures the network of care meets ethical standards and quality.

We Serve

1.5 Million Parents

750,000 Students

25,000 Staff

CareSolace launches in Paramount

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Our founder's story led us to our mission to ensure anybody that is searching for help for a loved one can find safe, ethical and vetted resources quickly bringing comfort and ease to a very stressful situation.

In a world of Google searches and unethical economics and poor quality programs that do not have the best interest of the family member at hand has led to the development of the CareSolace platform.

Our Mission

To ensure all people, races, ages, genders, income levels and mental health or drug abuse issue finds the right help in seconds that is individualized to their exact need and situation.

To enforce a strict vetted practice to ensure a community of care is ethical, safe and of the highest quality to serve.

We believe the in the constant monitoring of care to ensure parents, students and staff land in a safe haven of resources.

CareSolace is a care navigation and coordination system that makes it simple and easy for anyone to get the right help in seconds.

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Reach out to us at weserve@caresolace.org

Revamping Chat Support

We are remodeling our chat support to better serve you.

Please email us at weserve@caresolace.org for a response within 15 minutes.